Lead management overview

Lead management overview

Megan Sullivan


The Leads page is a view dedicated to helping you manage your sales process.

Track important lead details with an "opportunity"

Giving you the details you need at a glance, the Leads page summarizes all lead "opportunity" information from your CoConstruct account, side by side with general contact information.

When clicking on any entry on the Leads or Contacts pages, the Opportunity details on the right side of the page are your place for entering this key lead information, including setting the lead stage, rating, lead source, estimated revenue and sale date, picking the responsible salesperson, and more.

If you do repeat business or work with the same leads over and over, you can create multiple opportunities for a single person.

Click here for more info about how leads and opportunities relate to your contact list.

Adding new leads

Easily add a lead directly to the Leads page, or create a new opportunity after clicking in on any of the contacts in your Contacts page.

Or, import a list to load a bunch of lead information into the Leads page at once.

Either way, the new lead will show up on the Leads page, with all of the relevant information you need for the sale at your fingertips.

Click here for more information on adding leads.

Customizing the Leads view

The Leads page is highly customizable, letting you tailor your view to help you be as effective as possible throughout the sales process.

Add or remove details from the page, move things around, change the sorting, and use powerful filtering and searching options to drill down into subsets of your overall lead list.

Click here for more info on Leads customization.

Control or limit your team members' access to the Leads page

Control team member access to viewing and editing leads/contacts by adjusting their permissions (Contacts > My Team) for the following:

"View Contacts and Leads"

"Add/Edit Contacts and Leads"

If "View" permission is disabled, your team member will not see options at their top menu bar for either "Contacts" or "Leads."

If "Add/Edit" permission is disabled, but "View" is still available, your team member will be able to see, search, and filter all details, but won't be able to make any changes to the information.


Note: Lead Management tools are only available on CoConstruct's Standard or Plus plans.