Your Projects Dashboard

Your Projects Dashboard

Amber Harlow

The Projects page in CoConstruct will display all of your Active, Prospect, Warranty and Archived jobs.

Filtering Your Dashboard

Use project groups to filter your dashboard.  To set up project groups, go to Settings > Account > Contacts & Project Groups.  Project groups are a good way to filter notifications and your dashboard.  Good uses for project groups are to identify:

  • Project Managers
  • Neighborhoods
  • Stages: Pre-Sale, Design, Pre-Contract, Contracted, etc.
  • Area: If you build in different counties, states, or cities
  • Type of Build: Full Custom, Remodel, or Production

On the Projects page, select the drop down and select the designated group to filter the dashboard to show projects only in that group.  This is a sticky filter, so the Projects page will stay filtered on your selection until you change it.

Project Search

Use the search bar at the top of the Projects page to search for projects.  This will search project names among the expanded statuses.

Project Alerts

You can set up your Projects page to show updated and overdue alerts in either a simplified or detailed view.  

Detailed View

The Detailed View will show icons for the individual areas of a project and any corresponding updated, overdue or upcoming icons on each page.

Simple View

The Simple View will show a total number of updated, overdue or upcoming icons for the project as a whole.