Construction Estimating Template


Save time in your estimating process and be more confident in your financials with CoConstruct’s estimate template built for home building and remodeling professionals. Download the estimate template to get started leveling up your residential construction business.

What’s included in the template?

Included in the template is a set of instructions to help you fill out your estimate and a set of inputs and corresponding outputs.

Estimate inputs

  • Quantities
  • Unit of measurement
  • Unit cost
  • Cost Type
  • NAHB Accounting Code
  • Markup percentage
  • Margin percentage

Estimate outputs

  • Markup cost
  • Margin cost
  • Line item cost
  • Category cost
  • Total cost
  • Estimated profit
  • Cost per square foot

Who’s the estimate template for?

This estimate is for any residential construction professionals who have spent too much time and energy creating their own estimates only to have a wrong calculation ruin their profit margin for a project. If you’ve been burned by an estimating mistake in the past it’s time to try a new system.

How to use the estimating template

After opening up the estimate template you can save it to your own Google Drive account or download the template as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. After reading through the instructions on the Instructions tab, head over to the Cost Sheet tab. Next, expand the relevant categories and item lines to see individual cost lines where you can update the line item’s quantities, units, unit cost, cost type, NAHB accounting codes, markup, and margin.

Repeat this process for every relevant cost line to your next residential construction project and you will have a complete estimate template to accurately predict your costs and profits. Ready for your next project? Start again with a blank template or make a copy of your completed template to further customize and speed up your estimating process going forward.

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