Bringing CBUSA into the CoConstruct Family


We recently announced that we acquired CBUSA, the US’s largest group purchase organization for custom and semi-custom home builders. With the acquisition we plan to integrate the construction software we’re known for today with the group purchasing network, programs and expertise CBUSA provides to its 500+ members in the residential construction industry. 

CBUSA currently has group memberships of home builders in 29 local markets across the United States. The home builder members not only save on the hard costs of building materials through the agreements CBUSA has negotiated, but also receive cash rebates on their purchases.   

To give you an idea of what the CBUSA team has built since it was founded in 2004: It is the seventh-largest home builder in the United States as measured by new home starts. Combining CBUSA’s high performing network of home builders + the buying leverage CBUSA has negotiated with vendors of building materials with CoConstruct’s leading construction software platform presents a number of opportunities for customers of both companies.

So what does all this mean for customers?
In the near term, there will be no major changes for customers of CoConstruct or CBUSA. Existing CBUSA customers who are not currently using CoConstruct will continue to participate and benefit from the CBUSA network, as they have in the past. Existing CoConstruct customers not currently benefiting from CBUSA’s benefits who are interested in learning more about membership can fill out this interest form.  

Over the next few quarters, however, we plan to develop new integrations and programs that will expand access to CBUSA group purchasing programs for CoConstruct customers and increase the value CBUSA’s vendors receive from the expanded network of the two companies. 

We have no plans to obligate customers of either company to use CoConstruct or CBUSA.

How can I stay informed about updates, new offerings, and integration plans?
If you’d like to be kept in the loop on future CBUSA and CoConstruct developments, or would like to learn more about either company’s offerings, we’ve created a simple interest form for you to  subscribe to updates.