Gain key insights with the Performance View add-on

Featured Update

Managing projects in CoConstruct produces a plethora of data.

While having lots of information can be good, having too much often makes it difficult to see what's important quickly -- and what might require action.  

As you take on more concurrent projects, it becomes important to not only run those projects well, but also manage how the entire portfolio of projects works together. This usually means certain individuals end up juggling details on more and more projects.

But -- there comes a tipping point. Without a new way of managing the influx of information, more time is spent sifting through everything and piecing together the details. Quality, timelines, and margins suffer.  

What you really need is a place where you can go every morning to understand, within a couple of minutes, how things are going, and where they should dig in -- all without having to comb through the details of every project. 

This is why we built, and today, we introduced our Performance View add-on.  

CoConstruct project management software Performance View screenshot

This update gives you the ability to understand how the key aspects of their businesses are running, and better hold their teams accountable without having to dive into the details of every project. Here’s what users have said:

“It puts the critical information front and center.”

“I appreciate the ability to quickly see how my project managers are keeping up with their jobs.”

“Having a high level view in operations is imperative...This gives me a great high level view in which I can drill into areas specifically. Great improvement and I can see this being a key tool we use in our company.”

By bringing together information about project schedules, client selections, job financials, client sentiment, and employee process compliance, Performance View™ provides a summarized view to understand what’s working (and not working) -- and then dig into specifics as needed. 

How does it work?

The dashboard consists of nine widgets. All are clickable, giving you the ability to drill down into specific project details for advanced analysis. Learn more.

This will be available on all plans, but it is a paid add-on. Currently, we’re offering Performance View™ for 30 days for free.

To get access to Performance View™ for 30 days for free, contact support at