@ Mentions + More: Turning Down the Communication Noise


Some of the most important project details are logged in conversations between your team, your clients, and your trade partners. You know this. We know this. And your poor email inbox knows this as it fills up with notifications from CoConstruct every day.   

But...wouldn’t it be nice if you could tag the users who really need to know directly in a CoConstruct message or comment like you do in email today with CCs and email forwards--but still keep the paper trail intact? 

And, in case you didn’t catch that message someone directly tagged you in, wouldn’t it be nice to have a summary email waiting in your inbox listing all of yesterday’s communications by project?

A digital paper trail is great, but many of you have either turned off notifications from CoConstruct or are struggling to stay in the loop on the communications you care about most. 

We get it. 

So today, we’re launching two new updates to communication in CoConstruct,  @ Mentions and Daily Communication Summaries

@ Mentions allows you to tag another user on any comment or message in CoConstruct to keep them in the loop. It’s as easy as typing @ and then selecting the user you’d like to mention. Learn more

Daily Communication Summaries are once-per-day emails recapping all the discussions in your CoConstruct account from the previous day, broken down by project and item. To get these, simply adjust your notification preferences for this + other emails in your personal settings. Learn more.

We haven’t changed any of your settings, but you can quickly enable the Daily Communication Summary by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner and selecting Personal Settings from the drop down menu. From there, go to Communication Summary Preferences and select one of the ON options to begin receiving the emails. 

One thing to note - new builder and client users added in the future will have the below notification settings on by default:

  • Questions
  • Comments where I’ve previously commented
  • Messages where I’ve previously sent a message
  • Communication Summary Email for all projects (builder users only)  

This is now available to ALL customers.