Simplified Navigation: Why Your Account May Look Different

Featured Update

Our product team has been laser focused on making CoConstruct easier to use for the past several months. One of the first projects was to create a simpler, more tactile, and more intuitive navigation for getting you to the right page quicker than you do today. 

Out of that focus came the simplified navigation.

As a result, your account may look a bit different the next time you log in -- if your account was one the many accounts technically able to receive the new navigation. 

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Changes to the main navigation menu: Now accessible on every page, giving you quick access to primary features and settings. 
  • Changes to the project navigation menu: No more having to navigate multiple drop downs to find what you need. 

We think the simplified navigation will make it easier to navigate your projects and get to where you want to go in CoConstruct's software much easier.

This is now available to ALL customers.

Looking to learn more? Get a quick rundown of what changes took place.