Updated Mobile Design: Same Great Functionality

CoConstruct’s mobile app has been redesigned for better usability without any loss in functionality. The overhauled design includes an updated color scheme, brightened interface, and more prominent headers. These updates will improve the visibility, clarity,  and overall app experience for residential construction workers out on the jobsite even on the sunniest of days. To get this updated design download the latest version of the CoConstruct mobile app from the Apple App or Google Play stores. 

CoConstruct mobile app updated design screenshots

Other recent CoConstruct product updates

Mass reassign schedule tasks

CoConstruct users can now select a group of tasks and reassign them in bulk to a new assignee. 

Project search from the main dashboard

CoConstruct users can now search for a project directly from the main dashboard, allowing them to quickly find the exact project they are looking for.

Color coded budget

The Difference column on CoConstruct’s budget page is now colored code to easily identify which items are over or under budget on any given accounting code. The Difference column will be red for items that are over budget and green for items that are under budget.