Maintain Profitability Despite Soaring Material Prices



Lumber prices are at another all-time high and there is no sign of relief on the horizon. This means it’s vital for residential construction companies to maintain their profitability amid soaring material costs. Whether it’s your contract with your suppliers, or your clients, there are several tactics home builders and remodelers are using today to ride out the unprecedented surge in material pricing.

Join Todd Dawalt from The Construction Leading Edge, Phil Randolph from CBUSA, and a panel of builders and remodelers including Thomas Roes, Vice President of Oaktree Builders, Erica Thompson, Owner of Plumb Construction, and John Wojtas, Owner of PAXIS Group, to discuss how to navigate historic lumber pricing to protect your margins. 

Learn how to:

  • Change your standard contracts to protect yourself from price increases
  • Negotiate better pricing with your supplier
  • Present material price changes to your customers
  • Leverage an escalation clause to account for material price changes
  • Todd Dawalt
    Phil Randolph
    Erica Thompson
    John Wojtas