Change Management



The World is opening up and jobs that were on hold seem to be breaking loose.  Standing in this moment, we can clearly see the changes that have been forced on our lives and businesses over the past several weeks.  Some things will go back to the way they were before, and some will remain in place for the foreseeable future.  We’ve had no choice over the past two months in much of it.  But, looking back at lessons learned - there may be things you want to change permanently as you move forward.  You have a choice now - what changes do you want to make in your business - and how do you successfully implement those changes so they stick?
In this recorded webinar, dive into Change Management with CoConstruct’s Builder-in-Residence, Spencer Padgett, along with special guests Jill Young, a Certified Entrepreneur Operating System Implementer, Author and Speaker, plus Kim Hibbs, Owner of the Multi-market homebuilding company Hibbs Homes, LLC. Explore what makes a successful change management program and the tools you can use to implement, measure and manage the changes you want to make.

Learn How To:

  • Create a system to implement, measure, and manage change
  • Spencer Padgett
    Jill Young
    Kim Hibbs