How Other Builders + Remodelers are Managing Through This Crisis



Every week of the coronavirus pandemic brings a new set of challenges, increased stress, and difficult decisions for residential construction businesses. Many of us in the industry are wondering the same thing, “When will things get back to normal?” 

We don’t know when this crisis will end, but we’ve learned a lot in the past 6 weeks from builders and remodelers around the world. Over the past month we’ve talked to hundreds of CoConstruct customers and non-customers to understand how they’re moving their building business forward during this crisis.

So what are others doing to move building forward? 

By managing through the crisis. The people we’ve talked to who are most on top of their business right now are the ones who approach every new challenge as one more problem to solve on their way to the other side of this.

In this episode, CoConstruct’s Builder in Residence, Spencer Padgett, and CEO, Donny Wyatt, were joined by special guests from building + remodeling businesses to share what they’ve learned about the crisis management approach many are using to get through this challenging period.

Learn How To:

  • Crisis-proof your business now + in the future
  • Approach difficult decisions like budgeting + personnel changes
  • Stories about what’s working for other builders + remodelers

  • Donny Wyatt
    Spencer Padgett