Preparing for What Happens Next



We are all navigating uncharted waters right now.  Many of you have been battered by the dramatic impacts COVID-19 has thrust upon the residential homebuilding + remodeling industry--or you know someone who is struggling. 

Seeing your business survive is paramount, but your business is only as successful as the employees you lead

As business leaders, we have a duty to care for the well-being of our employees.  In contrast to the 2008 recession, the moment we’re in requires leadership of a different kind if our companies are to land on the other side healthy and financially sound.

This 8-week rollercoaster has taken all of us on a ride. From the initial shock of the pandemic to changes to how you communicate with your clients/team/trade partners, you’re managing through it all.  After weeks of problem solving you’re finally feeling firm ground beneath your feet.

But as we enter this next phase of the crisis, new challenges are staring you in the face.

Some of these challenges will be solved over time--but how you approach these as a leader will determine whether your company is agile and resilient enough for what comes next. And that’s exactly what we’ll be diving into during this week’s webinar.

Join CoConstruct’s Builder in Residence, Spencer Padgett, for a conversation with special guest Mike Zani, CEO of the leading international talent optimization firm, The Predictive Index, to learn how to lead your team into the uncertainty of tomorrow.

Learn How To:

  • Create sustainable long-term remote work for your teams
  • Navigate the uncertainty on demand for residential construction
  • Face difficult decisions on cost-cutting
  • Understand the future of the building materials supply chain + infrastructure

  • Spencer Padgett