Renewed Focus on the Bottom Line



We are all navigating uncharted waters right now.  Many of you have been battered by the dramatic impacts COVID-19 has thrust upon the residential homebuilding + remodeling industry--or you know someone who is struggling. 

Seeing your business survive is paramount, and survival means a renewed focus on your Bottom Line. 

For years we’ve seen unprecedented industry growth and unlimited opportunity for expansion.  Top Line growth has been there for the taking if you wanted to pursue it. 

We’ve dramatically adjusted our course over the last two months. The initial shock is behind us - and many have received government assistance - but half of the industry has experienced cancelled projects or reduced interest from prospect customers.  Margins are narrowing and future shocks to the supply chain and financial markets should be an expectation.

How do we keep the doors open, adjust our expectations and set our businesses up to keep more pennies from every dollar we earn?  It’s time to review the basics and renew our focus on the Bottom Line.  

Join CoConstruct’s Builder in Residence, Spencer Padgett, for a conversation with special guest Todd Dawalt, business coach for Construction Leading Edge, LLC. Todd has 20 years of experience in the construction industry, he’s done everything from remodeling bathrooms to building highrises. His focus now is coaching construction business owners to help them maximize revenue, eliminate chaos and take their business to the next level.

Learn How To:

  • Grow your bottom line profitability without hiring more people or selling more work
  • Plug profit bleeds
  • Reduce opportunity cost
  • Build a resilient business around systems

  • Spencer Padgett