Can trade partners post and view comments?

Can trade partners post and view comments?

Amber Harlow

Trade Partners with web access can post comments on to-do, spec/selection items, schedule tasks and warranty items. The comments will only be visible to builder side users until you decide to share their communications with the client or other trade partners.

When your trade partner comments on an item, you will be able to see their message through the Comments link on the task or item.  To add them to the conversation to send a reply or include them on future communications with your client or other trade partners, select the "Add to Conversation" button:

You can continue to add additional trade partners to the conversation as needed using the "Select a trade partner" box. If you need to remove a user from a conversation, click the "X" link next to the partner's name.

Once a trade partner is added to a conversation, his comments can be made visible to clients and other trade partner users.