What are the different statuses of work requests notifications?

What are the different statuses of work requests notifications?

Megan Sullivan

Work requests each have a status to let the recipients know how to respond to the request, which helps prevent confusion.

Work requests have the following statuses:

  • New – This is a request that is new or is new for this recipient. For example, if an item is reassigned from one partner to another, the new partner’s notification will have a “New” status because the item is new for him or her, even though the item is not new overall.
  • Revised – The details of this work request, such as the Finish By date or name, have changed since the last work request was sent to the assignee.
  • Resend – This is a copy of a previous work request that has already been sent.
  • Reassigned – When a work order is assigned to someone who had received a notification, but the item is then assigned to someone else, the original assignee will receive a notification with a status of “Reassigned.” This tells him or her that the item is not complete, but that he does not need to complete it since it has been given to someone else.
  • Closed – The item has been completed.
  • Canceled – The item has been deleted.

Even in cases where you have lots of notifications, status changes, and assignee changes, Co-construct tracks who has received what kinds of prior notifications to make sure that the right status is communicated to the right people at the right time.