Clocking In & Out of the Time Clock

Clocking In & Out of the Time Clock

Amber Harlow


Clocking in and out

From your computer, tablet, or phone, pull up the time clock and click the Clock In button to start tracking your time.

You'll be asked for a few relevant details:

Type: Select from your list of available time types. The defaults are Regular, Sick, Overtime, and Vacation, but this list can be completely customized for your account.

Project (optional): Track your time to one of your CoConstruct projects, if applicable. Are you working on admin tasks, or entering sick or vacation time that shouldn't be tracked to a specific project? Just leave the project blank.

Activity: Choose an activity from your list of available time activity codes. This list can also be completely customized and ties back to your accounting codes.

After you clock in, you'll see the new pending entry show up at the top of the Time Clock.

When you're ready to clock out, simply click Clock Out button.

If there are any notes that you want to share around the time, you will have the chance to enter those while you're clocking out.



Clock in or out from any device

The Time Clock is completely available whether you're using the full site on a desktop, laptop, or tablet, or if you're using the mobile app.

All of your time history will be available on all of your devices, regardless of where you're clocked in,.

So you can clock in from your desk and then clock out when you're out in the field. Anywhere, any time, the Time Clock has you covered.



Manually Adding Time

Did you forget to clock in yesterday, or need to track time when you weren't able to clock in?

Simply use the Add Time/+ option to add in all of the details for your time.

You can either enter in your number of hours, or put in your time in and time out and let the system calculate your time for you.

Users with Manage Time Clock permission can even take this one step further to add time entries on the behalf of other employees.


Note: The Time Clock function is only available on CoConstruct's Standard or Plus plans.

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