How can I control builder user permissions for viewing financial information?

How can I control builder user permissions for viewing financial information?

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Users with admin access can control and limit non-admin users' ability to view financial information.

To do so, go to Contacts > My Team and click "Edit" from the ellipse menu next to the desired builder user.

If you check the "View Financials" permission, then the user will be able to view financial and pricing information across all projects they have access to, as well as the ability to make choices on Selections and be able to create change orders and download project data.

If you uncheck the "View Financials" permission then the user will not be able to view any financial information in the system.

They will be restricted from the following views and functions:

  • Won't see budget information, prices and allowances on Specs & Selections
  • Can't view change log information on Specs & Selections
  • Can't edit Specs & Selections in any way
  • Can't make choices on Selections
  • Won't see base price, total price, change order amounts or payment summary information on the Financials page
  • Can't create, edit or view financial information on change orders/variations
  • Can't be assigned to approve a change order document but can receive notification when a change order is approved
  • Can't view the Estimate, Budget, Bids or Purchase Orders for projects
  • Can't download project data (because it contains financial info)

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