How can I delete a change order or variation?

How can I delete a change order or variation?

Amber Harlow

In order to delete a Change Order or Variation in CoConstruct, first you’ll need to look to see if that document has already been approved.  If the Change Order or variation is still in draft status or awaiting approval, you’ll be able to delete it entirely. If it has been fully approved, you’ll be able to void the Change Order, but not delete it.

If the Change Order/Variation is still awaiting approval, you'll be able to revert it to a draft by going to the Change Orders/Variations page > select 'Other Actions' on the corresponding document > Revert to Draft:



Once the document is in draft status, you can then select Other Actions > Delete.



If the Change Order or Variation has already been fully approved you can void the document by selecting Other Actions > Void. This document will now be listed at the very bottom of the Change Order page, should you ever need to reference it.