How can I use CoConstruct as a sales tool?

How can I use CoConstruct as a sales tool?

Megan Sullivan

What sets you apart from your competitors? Do you have something that will "wow" potential clients the first time you talk with them?

Using CoConstruct in your sales presentation will grab the attention of potential customers and will assert your commitment to providing great service. And don't just talk about it. Show it to them!

But, remember to talk in terms of how it is helpful to them. And if they've never built before, they probably don't realize just how much communication happens. They can't fathom how many decisions have to be made. 

So put a little fear in them.

Help them feel how overwhelming it can be...if they're building with someone else.

Of course, you have the answer to that with your web-based system.

THEN show them how everything is detailed on the Specs & Selections sheet. Demonstrate how they won't have email overload. Show them how no question will be forgotten. Point to where their progress photos will be.

You have many options for showing CoConstruct to prospective clients. Take them on a tour of an existing project account, or show the Training Home that you have set up with mock data.

Or, you may choose to set up a new "prospect project." Here is how we handle those...

Many of our plans offer the option to add a free prospect project when you go to the New Project page. You can use these projects to set up specs and selections, create a schedule, add your prospects, communicate with comments, post plans for your partners, and more. When you land the the project, simply turn the prospect project into an active one so that your clients can continue to benefit throughout the building process.

Let them know you are sharing the risks and rewards of this building journey with them. From flat rate options and upgrades, non-mandatory selections, and credits back on selections under the allowance amount, you are committed to making the selections process work for them, within their budget.

Do your customers ever ask "What's included in this price?" or "Can we include that in the verbiage?" With CoConstruct, you can build your specs and selections sheet to demonstrate what will be included, complete with pictures, examples, fixture books, and more.

Prior to even signing a contract, your customers will have an assurance that the months worth of conversations and back-and-forths are all there, documented and easy to recall. So when they ask, "Is everything we discussed in this price?" simply show them the paper trail within CoConstruct.

By making sure your clients first understand the NEED for the solution, and then showing them that you have the answers, you'll leave them wondering just how rough it would be building with the guy down the street.

And that's exactly what you want.

P.S. If you are on our Plus plan, you do not have access to free prospect projects. You can still add a job as a flat-rate project, just like you do with a firm contract. If the prospect buys from you, then you just keep using it like normal. But, if the prospect doesn't buy, let us know, and we'll delete the job and put a credit in your account. That way, the next house you add will come at no additional cost.