How do client Summary Emails differ from Instant Alerts?

How do client Summary Emails differ from Instant Alerts?

Amber Harlow


The Instant Alerts and Summary Emails are designed to be complimentary of each other.

The daily or weekly summaries will report anything new, upcoming, or urgent on their project.  This is what lets clients know about new files and photos, pending change orders and upcoming selections.  If there is nothing to report, an email will not be sent.

The Instant Alerts are a quick way to notify clients about new comments, messages, and questions.  Instant Alerts will also be sent when selection choices have been made and when change orders are updated.  By using the reply via email feature, clients can respond to these alerts without having to log in to CoConstruct.

Clients can control their Summary Email frequency preferences and whether or not they receive Instant Alerts, by clicking on the "Settings" link. You can see their current email preferences by going to the Project Setup page.

If your client has email-only access, they will not receive summary emails since these include updated, upcoming and overdue items that the client only has access to through the portal.  Your clients will still receive instant alerts about relevant items with email-only access.

Note: Client login access is only available on CoConstruct's Plus plan.  Core and Standard accounts are enabled to give clients email-only access.