How do I ask my client a question?

How do I ask my client a question?

Megan Sullivan

You have two main options, and one fallback:

  1. Most questions that you have for your client actually are decisions that they need to make, and decisions go on the selection sheet. CoConstruct uses a broad definition of the term “selection.” For example, you may want to know if a wall between the kitchen and great room should be a half or full wall. Simply make this a selection item. It may not be cost-impacting or change order-worthy, but it will keep all your decisions, selections, option upgrades, etc… all in one place. Plus, by creating a selection item for this, if there is any future dialog about the wall, you and your clients can easily add comments to that selection item.
  2. For questions that are not selection items, you might want to add a comment. Examples would be a comment that clarifies a client’s question on the question list or asking for more detail on a warranty request.

As a LAST RESORT, you can add a message on the messages page. Remember that you will keep information more organized if you can keep related thoughts together elsewhere on the site and keep messages to a minimum.

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