How do I delete schedule tasks and milestones?

How do I delete schedule tasks and milestones?

Kevin Fitzpatrick

To remove schedule tasks and milestones, select the task or milestone task from your project schedule and click the "X" button at the top of the page to delete the task.

You can delete a group of tasks all at once by holding down the Ctrl, Shift, or Cmd keys when selecting tasks. If you are deleting any tasks that have subtasks underneath them, those subtasks will also be removed.

Make sure you use one of the buttons at the bottom of your schedule to save the changes.

When you are publishing, the system may ask you if you want to keep any files, photos, or comments from your deleted tasks, and if you are linking your milestones to your selection sheet as deadlines, you may be asked for a new "Requested by" milestone to use in place of the deleted one.