How do I pay a purchase order?

How do I pay a purchase order?

Amber Harlow

You can log payments on your purchase orders manually within CoConstruct, or you can sync that information directly from QuickBooks if you have linked QuickBooks with your CoConstruct account.

If your purchase order is pushed to QuickBooks as a new bill

If you have used the QuickBooks integration to create a new bill in QuickBooks from your "Work Verified" purchase orders, then your purchase order will automatically update to "Paid" within CoConstruct once your bill has been paid in QuickBooks.

As a best practice if you will be paying a purchase order in multiple phases (such as multiple framing package deliverables, for example), we suggest creating a unique purchase order in CoConstruct for each phase. This will help to clearly delineate the scope and requirements of each deliverable, plus will let you easily keep track of intermediate payments if you are linked with QuickBooks.

Manually entering payments

If you are not linking your purchase orders with QuickBooks, you can still log payments against it manually.

Note: You will not be able to push a purchase order to QuickBooks if there are manual payments entered. If you need to send the purchase order to a new QuickBooks bill after payments have been added, you can still do so by removing the payments.

You can pay your purchase order at any point after it has been released, and the status will automatically update to "Paid" once the full amount of the purchase order has been paid out.