How do I see or send notifications about assigned tasks?

How do I see or send notifications about assigned tasks?

Amber Harlow

CoConstruct makes it easy to notify trade partners of their assignments. Here's how the system works:
  1. Set up each trade partner with individual task assignments and/or task summaries.  To do this, select Trade Partners from the Contacts menu, then select the individual trade partner you wish to set up.  Indicate your preferences for this trade under Communication Settings.
  2. Assign trade partners to schedule, to-do and warranty tasks.
  3. That's it! CoConstruct will take care of the rest by automatically sending out the task assignments and summaries per your specified settings.
But how can you be sure when a notification was sent?

CoConstruct sends individual task assignments within 5 to 10 minutes of a task being created or updated. There's purposely a delay so you have a chance to correct a wrong assignment before the system sends the notification. You can then view the notification history by clicking "Notification History" on to-do and warranty items, and "Notifications/Confirmations" on the Published Schedule.

If 5 minutes is too long to wait, you also have the option to force an immediate send by clicking "Send Individual Task Assignment" from the Notifications page.