How do I share/unshare the Job Log with clients?

How do I share/unshare the Job Log with clients?

Amber Harlow


You have several options for controlling client access to the Job Log:

  1. To manage your default setting, go to Settings > Account from the Main Menu. Click on the "Job Log" tab. There you can specify whether or not you want the Job Log to default to being shared with clients on future projects.
  2. But, despite your default, you can always configure this for individual projects that have clients involved. You can edit this setting by going to the Project Setup page.

When you select to share the Job Log with clients, they will see all weather reported in the entries as well as any notes or photos that you have specifically shared with them.  Clients will never see flags or unshared notes.

Note: Client Login access is required for sharing job log entries with your client.  Client login access in only available on CoConstruct's Plus plan.