How will assignees be notified about to-dos?

How will assignees be notified about to-dos?

Megan Sullivan

For users who are assigned to to-dos on your projects, there are two different types of notifications that will alert them to the assignment and convey the details for the work, in addition to alerts that they will see on their main dashboard if you have given them login access to CoConstruct.


Individual work requests

Individual work requests are sent within 10 minutes of a to-do being assigned or updated.

The email alert for an individual work request includes all of the To-do details.

If you have attached and shared any files or photos on the item, those will also be included as attachments on the individual email alert.

Any replies to those individual work requests will be posted as new comments on the to-do, and any files or photos that your assignees send back to you with those replies will all be captured and organized within your To-do page.

Click below for an example of an individual work request for a to-do with a photo that is included as an attachment within the email (clicking opens the example in a new tab).



Task summaries

Task summaries are sent on the day or days specified, and include information on ALL open, overdue, or upcoming work for the assignee. This may include other to-dos, other projects, and may also include details for schedule tasks or warranty items.

Certain information from your to-dos is not directly included on these task summaries. For instance, files or photos will not be directly attached to the summary email, and while the to-do's name and due date will all be readily accessible, the longer description that you attach for your items will not be directly included.

If you do include and share information or attachments that aren't going to be on the summary email, your assignees will be given a link to log in to view the details (or to contact you if the assignee doesn't have any log in access).

Click the below task summary example to open it in a new tab or window.



How do I know what to-do notifications my assignees receive?

After making assignments to an item, click More > View notification history.

In the "Summary Email Days" column, you will see which of those assignees are receiving summary emails and on which days.

In the "Last Individual Notification" column, you will see the history of the individual notifications to your assignee.

If your assignee is set to receive individual work requests, you can also send a work request immediately with the "Send Individual Work Request" link on this page.

To change the notification settings for trade partners, head to the Contacts > Trade Partners.

For members of your team, either edit team member settings from your Account Settings OR each team member can adjust their own notification preferences from their Personal Settings.