How will my vendors interact with purchase orders from CoConstruct?

How will my vendors interact with purchase orders from CoConstruct?

Amber Harlow

The partners to whom you are issuing purchase orders will have a few different ways of interacting with your purchase orders depending on your preferences for setting them up and their preferences for responding back to you.

Viewing purchase orders by email

If you choose to send a copy of the purchase order by email, your vendor will have all of the details waiting in their inbox shortly after the document is released.

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This includes an easy route for your partner to accept or decline the agreement electronically.

That's it, no logging in or learning how to use a new system, and no background details required on the part of your subs and vendors.

But, even if you have a partner who does not have an email address, or prefers to receive these documents in person, you can create a nice-looking printable copy of the document that you can provide.

Posting additional comments

Your partner can simply reply to the email notification that they receive to post any comments or ask questions back to you.

If they click to view the document in their browser, they will have a similar option at the bottom of the page to post new comments.

Accepting/declining the purchase order agreement

By simply clicking a button in their email, your partner can accept or decline the purchase order. Both actions will automatically update the status of your purchase orders.

When you set up the purchase order, you can choose whether to require a full signature for this acceptance, versus a click-to-accept system.

Of course, there will probably be some vendors who may confirm their acceptance with you in some other way, so there is always an option for you as the builder to accept the purchase order on your partner's behalf.

The history at the bottom of the change order will include the full details of who accepted the document and when.