Offering Financing

Offering Financing

Megan Sullivan

Secure projects quickly and effortlessly by offering clients a way to finance.

Where: the proposal or Project Setup on Prospect, Active, or Warranty projects

When: any project over $5,000

Who: available for accounts located in the US

Financing Partners

Lightstream Financing -- A division of Truist, Lightstream offers quick, unsecured personal loans for clients undertaking home improvement projects. Whether seeking to finance an entire project or just certain amounts, the partnership with Lightstream provides between $5,000 and $100,000 in project financing with no home equity requirements or appraisals.  


Financing Projects in Full - Proposals

Offer financing to clients for projects up to $100,000 directly through the proposal.  Under Financials, choose the box Offer Financing to enable access to financing options on the finalized proposal.

Once you Save & Preview, you'll see any relevant financing options listed underneath the project's total or base price.  Simply Send the proposal for the client to take advantage of financing as they wish.

Financing Costs on Projects - Anywhere

Offer financing to clients for costs ranging between $5,000 and $100,000 by sending them the link found on the Project Setup page. Simply click the button to Copy Link and paste into any message, comment, change order, invoice, or proposal.


Clients complete a quick application (takes roughly 10 minutes), then the financing institutions approves them for financing.  The timing on loan approval depends on a client's credit.  Clients with good credit could receive loan approval and see money in the bank as early as the same day they apply.

Clients Working with Lightstream -- Clients approved with Lightstream receive money directly into their bank account for use in paying for the project.  Simply send them an invoice to collect payment on the cadence and schedule that works for you and the project.


  1. Does providing financing to my client cost anything?  Is there a fee? Nope! There is no fee to offer financing on the project proposal.  Lightstream offers financing directly to your client.  CoConstruct simply gives you a way to market that service.
  2. Does Lightstream require any inspections or plans for financing?  Nope!  Lightstream simply uses the client's credit history and assets to determine if they will grant a loan.  Once approved, the client receives the requested money in their bank account to then pay you.
  3. How will I know if a client has received financing?  CoConstruct won't display any information on the project or proposal indicating a client chose to finance through Lightstream.  Keep communication lines open with your client and leverage project messaging tools to keep a pulse on your client's status.
  4. Why don't I see financing on the proposal? Any project under $5,000 does NOT display financing options.