Photo Sizes & Limits

Photo Sizes & Limits

Amber Harlow

There is no need to re-size your photos prior to uploading them to CoConstruct as long as each individual photo is less than 75MB in size.

When uploading multiple photos from the full site or mobile app, there will be a limit of 20 photos and a total 75MB size per upload.

Large photos will automatically be reduced in size in order to be more easily viewed on the site. If you need the full size file available for your clients, attach it in the Project Files section instead.

There are no limits on the number of photos that you can post to CoConstruct. However, if you're on an older plan, there may be a restriction on the total per-project storage capacity for your specific account. If you find that you need more space on a project, send an e-mail to or use one of the ‘Contact Support’ links in the site for help.