Trade Partner permissions

Trade Partner permissions

Donny Wyatt

As a default on your account, you can decide what your trade partner users can see if you are providing them with web access. Configure these settings by going to the Settings > Trade Partners.

Here you can choose whether or not you will allow your trade partners to view your specs, selections and approvals as well as your project schedules.


Whether or not you decide to share your specs & selections and approvals with your trade partners, NO financial information will be displayed to them. They will only be able to see the specification information, trade partner information, choices or decisions made by clients, and any files/photos and comments shared with them.

If you are sharing your Schedules with your trade partners, they will be able to view the Gantt, Calendar and Task views, but will NOT be able to edit your Schedule. They will be able however, to add files/photos and comments as well as confirm work.