Purchase Order Status'

Purchase Order Status'

Megan Sullivan

Throughout the lifecycle of a purchase order, you will likely have many different purchase orders in one of the statuses below.


A purchase order currently under development lists with a "Draft" status.  Any new purchase order or document reverted to draft allows for editing important details relevant to the contract.  Once released or accepted, revert purchase orders to a draft to address changing details.

NOTE: any "Accepted" purchase order or purchase order containing comments locks to the originally assigned Trade Partner.


Once you "release" the document, you are confirming that it is complete and final from your perspective.

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At this point, your purchase order has been reviewed and agreed to by your sub or vendor. At this point, you have an accepted agreement with your partner and can begin work.

Your purchase order will automatically enter this status once your partner (or you) click to accept the document.


If the work has been completed, or you've received a bill for all or part of the work, click to view your purchase order and click "Billed" at the top.  This will prompt you to enter a bill number and date (if applicable) and indicate the specific line items you're being billed for at that time.

Your team may not have reviewed the final work at this point to confirm that everything was provided as expected, but this helps to distinguish the purchase orders that are still in the early stages from the work that has actually been completed.


Once you've verified that all services specified by the bills entered above have been rendered to your satisfaction, you can mark the bills on the purchase order as "Ready to Pay".  This indicates to your team that the purchase order is ready for payment.

Once a purchase order or individual bill enters this stage, you can have CoConstruct automatically create a new bill in your QuickBooks account for the purchase order. This saves you a step and makes it easy on your accounting team who will be processing the payment.

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After the purchase order is released, you may be adding payments along the way. Once the full amount of the purchase order has been paid, the status will automatically change to "Paid" within CoConstruct.

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Your partner has declined the document, effectively negating the agreement. When this happens, you may need to issue a new purchase order for a different amount or make other adjustments that you and your partner agree on.


If you have a released purchase order that no longer applies or needs to be rescinded, you can void it.

Only you as the builder team member can void a purchase order. Voiding the purchase order will leave the document in your account, letting you keep a file of any important details or communication associated with the document.

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