What does the client view of the budget look like?

What does the client view of the budget look like?

Megan Sullivan

The client view of a project's budget information is very similar to the builder side view.

If clients are given access to the Budget, they can see all original budget and revised budget information in the Spec & Selection items.

Clients in a Fixed Price project (with Budget access turned on) can see the Price, Allowance and Difference numbers in the Summary page as well as all financial information on the Budget tab.

Clients in Open Book projects can see Budget, Revised Budget and Difference numbers in the Financials Summary page, as well as all Budget information on the Budget tab.

If you've shared the budget with clients, they will always see the full budget including committed costs and actuals. While clients will see the total Committed costs in the Budget, they cannot click into those values to see the details of the purchase orders making up those costs.

If you’re synced with QuickBooks and are pulling actuals in from your accounting system, you will see an additional access permission for "Budget Details". Sharing the budget details with the client will allow them to click into the values in the "Actuals" column on the Budget page to view the individual QuickBooks transactions that make up that number.

To control the client’s access to the budget and budget details, adjust their access settings on the Project Setup page.

You can hide the notes on any given accounting code from the client by using the client visibility icon next to the Notes field. These can be shared or un-shared on an individual accounting code basis.

To get a better idea of what your client’s are seeing in the budget based on the project’s settings, use the "Preview Client Side" icon at the top right of the budget page to see their current view of the information.