What does the client's view of CoConstruct look like?

What does the client's view of CoConstruct look like?

Megan Sullivan


Note: Client login access is only available on CoConstruct's Plus plan.  Core and Standard accounts are enabled to give clients email-only access.


Certain situations tend to bring forth certain questions...

Situation #1: The dentist is about to give you a shot with a needle the length of his forearm

You: "Is this going to hurt?"

Situation #2: You're about to bungee jump while on vacation in some almost-third-world Caribbean nation

You: "Did you double check that rope?"

Situation #3: You're about to add your first client to CoConstruct

You: "Can I see what my client is going to see?"

I'd rather not think about #1 and #2, but the answer to #3 is -- yes!

You can take a peek by adding yourself as a client to a project, using an alternate email address. Just remember to remove yourself before adding real clients to the project.

But in case you'd like to take our word for how things look, we'll take you on a little tour of the clients' main menu.


First of all, you'll notice it's different from your main menu. They have just their own one project, so we've laid out the clients' "dashboard" to best present that information to them. 

At the top of their dashboard, new clients will have a link to a brief introductory training video. This is the ideal first stop when a new client first logs in.

The dashboard displays links to all of the project's pages down the middle, with icons alerting them of any new updates or items requiring their attention. Each page will look exactly as it does on the builder side, with the exception of hidden items. For example, you may have files, to-do and warranty items, and comments that you have shared only with your team or partners. Clients won't see those.

All clients will see a list of project milestones on the left side of their dashboard. These milestones will show up with check marks as you complete items on your Schedule.  If you have decided to share the Gantt and/or Calendar views of your schedule, your clients will additionally see anticipated completion dates for each milestone, along with percentages to give them an idea of the progress.

The bottom of the dashboard displays recent photos added to the project, while the right side of the dashboard will offer a summary of your clients' financials.

At the far right of the menu bar is a "Settings" option where clients can update their password, profile picture, summary email and instant alert settings. The "?" help icons in the upper right of each page lets your clients search for answers to commonly asked questions.

You can always use the Client Preview feature to view the Specs & Selections of a project from the client's perspective.  For more details on the Client Preview feature, reference our Help Center article How can I see what a project will look like for my clients?