What happens if I delete a to-do?

What happens if I delete a to-do?

Donny Wyatt

Deleting a to-do

If you've entered a to-do on the wrong project or in the wrong place, you can easily delete it from the To-dos page in CoConstruct.

To delete a to-do, click on it to pull up the details in the right-hand side of the page.

Then, click More > Delete to remove the to-do.

You can also delete multiple to-dos at once by holding down Ctrl, Shift, or Cmd to select multiple items. Then, click "Delete" to remove them all from your project.


After deleting

Once you delete a to-do, if there are any comments or attachments on the item, you will see an additional prompt.

Comments on those deleted to-dos will be moved over to the Messages page, where the conversation can live on for historical purposes on the project.

For any attachments, you will be asked whether you want to hang onto those within the general Files & Photos page of the project, or if you would prefer, you can completely delete those attachments in the process.