What is the difference between a Draft Schedule and a Published Schedule?

What is the difference between a Draft Schedule and a Published Schedule?

Kevin Fitzpatrick

The "Published Schedule" on a project is the live schedule that everyone is operating by.  Any trade partners or clients with access to the project schedule will only have access to the "published" information.  Additionally, all notifications sent out to assignees on the project's schedule will be based on what's reflected on the Published Schedule.

If there is a "Draft Schedule" on your project, this means someone on your builder team has started making edits to the schedule but has not finalized them.  Depending on what option they have used to save the draft, other builder team members may be locked out from viewing and editing the draft.


Saving the Schedule

When working through the app or Field Update View from the web, when you save your updates to a single task, the schedule is automatically re-published with those changes.

If you're working from the Gantt, Task or Calendar views on web, you have a couple of saving options to choose from:

  • Save Draft and Keep Editing locks out other users from making changes at the same time that you're working on updates.  If you're going to be updating several items in the schedule over a period of time before publishing, be sure to use this option.
  • Save Draft and Return to Published Schedule keeps your updates in "Draft" status.  This prevents trade partners or clients with access to the schedule from seeing your changes and no notifications will be sent for updates made.  Anyone on your builder team with access to edit schedules will be able to view the draft to make further changes or give input before saving or you can come back at a later time to continue working.
  • Publish Changes will overwrite your current schedule with the updates you've made.  At this point trade partners and clients with access to view the schedule will see your updates.  Any assignees on the schedule whose tasks were affected will receive notifications about updates after the changes are published.