What triggers a change order notification to be sent?

What triggers a change order notification to be sent?

Megan Sullivan

When creating a change order, you may select team members, partners, and clients who should be notified about the document.

For each person, these are the events that will trigger a notification:

  • Someone approves or declines the document, even if there are other approvals still needed
  • The document is fully approved or declined

  • The document is created
  • The document is fully approved or declined

  • The document is fully approved
  • The document is voided

Builders and clients, on their personal settings pages, can enable “Instant Alerts.” This allows them to receive these notifications even if their names are not manually selected on each change order. In those cases, the same events will always trigger a notification to those people. If you happen to still select one of these people’s names, CoConstruct will not send them two notifications for the same event.

The notification e-mails list the line items and approvers on the document, but do NOT include any allowance or price information. This allows your team and clients to view that information without disclosing it to partners who still may need to be notified when a document has been approved.

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