When is a warranty request listed as upcoming or overdue?

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Kevin Fitzpatrick

A warranty request is displayed as upcoming or overdue based on the due date that has been assigned to it, the project's warranty expiration date, and your personal settings.



By default, warranty requests will be listed as upcoming 3 days before the request's due date..

You can update this window by going to Settings > Personal. Adjust your preference for "Warranty items upcoming ___ days before 'Finish by' date." Changing this value will only affect you, and not anyone else on your team.

When a request is upcoming, you will see a yellow "upcoming" indicator on the Warranty page and in your account's Task Manager.



CoConstruct has several ways to determine if a warranty request is flagged as overdue:

  1. If it has been requested for “too long,” (see below) but no one has either accepted the item or marked it as "not warranty."
  2. The request has been on the open items list for “too long.”
  3. The request is on the open list and the warranty expiration for the project is approaching.

You can change the definition of “too long” by clicking the “Personal Settings” link on the main menu.

The “Warranty items overdue in ___ days if no 'Finish by' date set” setting affects items #1 and #2.

Item #3 is controlled by the “Warranty items overdue ___ days before warranty expiration” setting. You can set or change the warranty expiration date from the project's setup page when the project is in the warranty phase:

Note: Changing your personal settings for marking warranty requests as upcoming or overdue will only affect you, and not anyone else on your team.

When a warranty request is overdue, you will see a red indicator on the Warranty page and in your account's Task Manager. It will also be visible on the main dashboard for the assigned users.

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