Who are we using to power payments?

Who are we using to power payments?

Megan Sullivan

Client Payments

Client Payments

CoConstruct has partnered with Stripe for managing payments.  As you invoice your clients, you can provide them the option to pay electronically with either ACH bank transfers or credit cards.  Clients paying invoices through ACH bank transfers will secure their bank account information through the online verification and authentication system Plaid.

Who is Stripe?

Stripe is an online payment processing system that works with millions of companies in over 120 countries.  Their platform will handle the storage and protection of all bank and credit card information in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DDS).  To ensure this compliance, Stripe has undergone intensive audits by the PCI Qualified Security Assessor which has granted them a PCI Level 1 Service Provider certification (the highest and most stringent level of certification available in the payment industry).  In order for CoConstruct to fall in line with this compliance and maintain data security, no credit card or bank information will be stored within the CoConstruct platform AND CoConstruct will not see or have access to any card data.

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As you make an account with Stripe, you'll see that you'll be required to enable 2-factor authentication further securing your account and data.

If you ever experience an issue with a payment or your ability to track its progress through Stripe, we recommend checking out the Stripe Status page.  Stripe monitors the passage of payment information through their system regularly.  You can also reference your personal Stripe dashboard for information about your account and expected payments.

Who is Plaid?

Plaid is an online verification and authentication system used to handle ACH bank transfers within the US.  CoConstruct provides your clients with an easy and simple way to verify their bank quickly so they can get their payments to you.

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