Why does a selection item say “upcoming?”

Why does a selection item say “upcoming?”

Megan Sullivan

It says “upcoming” because a decision needs to be made soon. When it says “upcoming” depends on what kind of “requested by” deadline you have set for the selection item. If you set an absolute date, then it will show as “upcoming” when you are within 14 days of that deadline. If you set a milestone deadline, it will show as “upcoming” when the previous milestone has been marked as complete.

For example, here are the first few milestones a contractor has on one of his projects:

  • Excavation complete
  • Foundation complete
  • Framing complete
  • Rough-in complete

At the beginning of the project, he adds a selection item for a kitchen faucet, which he marks as needing to be decided by “Framing complete.” As the project progresses, he checks off the milestones. When he checks off the “Foundation complete” milestone, the site automatically flags the kitchen faucet selection item as upcoming, since its milestone is the next to be accomplished.