Default File Visibility Settings: Automatically Share Project Details

Files and Photos

Do you have price-sensitive files that you want your trade partner to see, but not your client? CoConstruct’s new account-wide visibility settings will save you time and give you peace of mind by allowing you to control the default file visibility for clients and trade partners based on what’s best for your business.

To adjust the default setting go to your Settings and click on Account then Files and Photos. Here you can choose whether files and photos uploaded to CoConstruct are automatically marked to share with clients, trade partners, or neither. Files and photos will always be shared with your team members who have access to the project.

CoConstruct construction project management software file sharing screenshot

You can also always adjust sharing settings on individual files and photos that are uploaded to CoConstruct through the online or mobile app. When uploading files and photos you will see the sharing options prechecked based on your default settings that you can update depending on your needs. Learn more about default file visibility settings in the Help Center. 

Other recent CoConstruct product updates

Change order totals on notification emails

See a change order’s total price in the notification email sent to your client. Instead of having to open and view the change order in CoConstruct, your clients can simply reference the body of their notification email to see what the change order is and how much it will cost. Learn more about notification emails in the Help Center.

Opening files directly from any email

CoConstruct users can now read a message, view any corresponding files, respond to the email, and continue onto their next project all over email without ever having to log into the system.