Invoice Payments: Say Goodbye to the Paper Check

Featured Update

The work has been done. The invoice has been sent. But the money still needs to be collected.  

Collecting payments should be simple, fast, and easy...for you and your clients. But the reality is that it’s easier, faster, and more secure to pay your babysitter from your phone than it is to send money to a contractor. With CoConstruct, that’s no longer the case.

Here’s what you’ll get with Client Payments from CoConstruct:

  • Your money, faster: Clients can pay their invoice electronically via ACH* or credit card, from the comfort of their own couch. The essence of convenience. And convenience means that your money arrives sooner.
  • Security and reliability: Our online payment processor (Stripe) is trusted by millions of businesses across the globe. Transactions are SSL Protected, PCI Compliant, and encrypted. That’s nerd-speech for “super secure.” And client-speech for “you can trust me.”
  • Instant alerts: Always know where your money is with email confirmations for you and your clients.


This is now available to all US based customers.

Looking to learn more? Find out more about requesting and receiving payments

**ACH payments can take between 5-7 bank business days to process.