Client Payments Overview

Client Payments Overview

Megan Sullivan

Send your clients an invoice and receive payment directly in CoConstruct.*  Setup to receive client payments by following the simple steps below. 




Setting Up Client Payments

Example account linking to Stripe

Start by setting up your account to request and receive payments on invoices.  CoConstruct has integrated with the payment platform Stripe to facilitate the payment process.  Either set up a free account with Stripe or log into an existing account in the Accounting Settings.  Stripe will handle all payment verification.

Once connected with Stripe, confirm the payment method and transaction fee settings.  The system settings are initially set as "We pay the fee" for ACH and "Client pays the fee" for Credit Card transactions.  Adjust these per project and per invoice as desired.

Connecting to QuickBooks?  Plug in a bank and expense account you'll use to collect payment and transaction fees back in QuickBooks.  Check out what default integrations you have set up with QuickBooks.  You'll need either Invoices or Client Payments to be set up in order for CoConstruct made payments to push to QuickBooks.

Requesting Payment

Example Fixed Price project creating an invoice

Create an invoice for your client to start the payment process.

Your client can pay invoices directly from the email sent and/or by viewing the invoice from within the online project portal.  By selecting to Pay Now, they can enter in their credit card or bank information then submit their payment.

Reference the quick payment guide attached below for step by step instructions on how your clients will pay invoices.  Feel free to download a copy for your clients.

Receiving Payment

What to Expect?

Eliminate the time it takes to get paid between requesting payment and receiving the "check" by leveraging electronic payments.  Credit card payments clear in 1-2 business days.  ACH payments to clear in 5-7 business days.  Expect payment transactions to differ for the first payment.

Looking to check on the status of a payment?  Log into your Stripe Dashboard to see where a payment stands.


As your clients submit their payments, your team is notified about that process.  Select team members who would need to stay in the loop about payments on invoices on the Receive Payments settings.  You will receive notifications on the following:


*Note: Client Payments are only available to companies with a US address