Spreadsheet Estimating: Calculate Quantities with Accuracy & Precision

Featured Update

We’re guessing your estimating process probably looks a lot like this: 

     1. Collect project dimensions and counts from your takeoff software.

     2. Drop those into your handy estimating Excel template to calculate quantities.

     3. Copy and paste the final numbers into another app to prepare the proposal.

     4. Finalize + send your proposal.

     5. Rinse and repeat for *every* project. 

And it works, for the most part. But many of our customers told us they'd love to skip the Excel part altogether and just do it in the same tool they use to follow up with leads, build their proposals, and get e-signatures from their clients.

We decided there had to be a better way. That better way was to make estimating in CoConstruct more like a spreadsheet.

Here’s what you’ll get with Spreadsheet Estimating from CoConstruct: 

  • No more external spreadsheets: All of your estimating in one place. Say goodbye to copy + pasting from Excel. 
  • Spreadsheet-like formulas and parameters: Just like you’d use in your external spreadsheet. But now within CoConstruct.  


Lastly, we’re proud to say that CoConstruct is the only all-in-one construction management software today that offers spreadsheet estimating. And it's integrated with the same tool builders & remodelers use to generate proposals as well as manage their specs, selections, and cost catalog. 

This is now available to all PLUS customers.

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