Lumber Prices, Profit Margins + Delays



Demand for residential projects is sky-high. But supply shortages, lumber in particular, threaten the profit margins and schedules of builders across the country. In some markets, the price of lumber has increased by more than 80% since mid-April.

For fixed price builders, that means the price you promised your clients back when you started their project may tank your profit for the year. For open-book builders, your project financials may be protected, but supply delays have wreaked havoc on your schedules.

Without a specific plan to implement now on your upcoming jobs, you may be battling both profitability and schedule issues at the same time, later.

Join Donny Wyatt, Founder + CEO of CoConstruct, Paul Colwell, Managing Director of Cullum Homes, Dan DeVol, Founder and President of DeVol Builders and  Phil Randolph from CBUSA to discuss three short-term mitigation approaches that you can use to protect your margins despite unpredictable lumber prices. 

Learn How To:

  • Navigate this without hurting your margins
  • Get your jobs built (and built on time)
  • Leverage an Escalation Clause to account for material price changes

*Chicago Agent Magazine, NAHB to President Trump: Skyrocketing lumber prices threaten the economy, August 14, 2020
  • Donny Wyatt
    Paul Colwell
    Dan DeVol
    Phil Randolph