A Better Way to Accept Project Payments with CoConstruct

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You’ve done the work of invoicing your clients, and now it’s time to get paid. So, what’s your gameplan?

  • Is it the Check-Chase approach? Hunting down your clients, driving all over tarnation to grab a check, and then going through the process of physically delivering it to your bank?
  • Or, do you take the Great-Snail-Mail-and-Wait approach? Are your projects getting delayed while you wait for your clients to fill out a check and send it through the mail to finally be collected and deposited days later? 

Either approach may introduce a worst-case scenario: cash flow problems.

Collecting client payments the “old way” can be frustrating, slow, and over-complicated. You’ve done the work and earned the treasure, so why spend valuable time and talent chasing it down? 

Why ePayments?

Collecting payments should be simple, fast, and easy...for you and your clients, to keep your projects moving. But the reality is that it’s easier, faster, and more secure to pay your babysitter from your phone than it is to send money to a contractor. With CoConstruct, that’s no longer the case.

Here’s what you get with ePayments from CoConstruct:

  • Your money, faster: Clients can pay their invoice electronically via ACH or credit card, from the comfort of their own couch. The essence of convenience. And convenience means that your money arrives sooner.
  • Security and reliability: Our online payment processor (Stripe) is trusted by millions of businesses across the globe. Transactions are SSL Protected, PCI Compliant, and encrypted. That’s nerd-speech for “super secure.” And client-speech for “you can trust me.”
  • Instant alerts: Always know where your money is with email confirmations for you and your clients.

When you’re ready to get time back in your day, get started by clicking below.

Collect ePayments with Stripe

Note: You must be a CoConstruct Administrator to set up client payments in your Account. 

Costs and Benefits

Payment processing tools do come with transaction fees to cover financial services. We offer competitive rates, but there’s more to it than fees. Here are the top 3 reasons to start today:

  • Take back your day: Providing clients with a convenient way to pay removes barriers between you and project payments. Payment processing can start sooner and put the collection process on autopilot. No check-chasing, no trips to the bank. Your time is your number one resource. What would you do with more?
  • Build a premiere reputation: Providing the ability to pay electronically puts your customer at the center of your business. In a world driven by referrals, your investment in your name will always pay off.
  • Create less work for your clients: What’s one of the most-effective ways to make customer advocates who will pass on your name? Making things easy for them. No one wants to go hunting for checks; everyone wants one less thing on their to-do list.

Ready to start receiving payments from your clients directly within CoConstruct? Ten minutes of setup time can end up saving you hours per week.

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  • A brief business description
  • Your bank's routing and account number

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