Requesting Payments for Invoices

Requesting Payments for Invoices

Megan Sullivan

Get your clients to pay invoices directly through CoConstruct in a few simple clicks.*

First, set up an account with Stripe.  You'll need to integrate your CoConstruct account with Stripe in order to process these payments.  Stripe offers a secure and private platform for receiving client payments.

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As you set up to receive payments, determine your payment settings.  As a default, the system automatically selects ACH Bank Transfers as "We pay the fee" and Credit Card Transactions as "Client pays the fee."  Confirm the settings appropriate for your business and location.  


Next, generate invoices for your clients.  Use the invoice feature of any Active or Warranty project to request payment.  Confirm your payment methods and customize any settings on the individual invoice.


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Once you issue the invoice, your client can easily pay by selecting "Pay Now" from their email or within the project portal.


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PRO TIP: Use the "Notes" field of the invoice to provide clients instructions and direction on how to make payment.


A client can select to pay via direct bank transfer (ACH) or credit card based on your preferences.  Selecting "Pay Now" from the invoice allows them to choose between methods provided then simply plug in their bank or credit card information to submit payment.


Example test Client with login access paying an invoice


Make getting paid a breeze by leveraging CoConstruct's all in one project management tool.  Use the guide below to help your clients through the payment process.  Feel free to print or send this reference along to your clients.


*Note: Client Payments are only available to companies with a US address