How can I use CoConstruct to manage my contacts?

How can I use CoConstruct to manage my contacts?

Kevin Fitzpatrick


CoConstruct's built-in contact management system gives you all the tools to quickly and efficiently manage your contacts, lead information, and contact activities in one place. Note that If you're not an admin user and cannot access or edit contact information, you will need to ask an admin user on your account to grant you permission prior to following the steps in this article.


Adding Contacts

Is this your first time adding contacts to CoConstruct?  Do you have a long list of contacts to add? You may want to consider using the "Import Contacts" link at the top of the Contacts page.

  • You will be prompted to download a template, which will be in the format that you will need to organize your contacts before importing.
  • You will be asked to select a user to act as the "Contact Owner" for the imported contacts. This can be changed on an individual basis after importing.
  • When importing your contacts, each contact must contain (at a minimum) a first or last name. Any contacts without this information will be skipped during the import process.

Contacts can also be added one at a time in one of these ways:

  1. Select "+ New"
  2. Adding a new builder, client or trade partner user to CoConstruct will automatically create a new contact record if one didn't already exist.

Updating Contacts

You can view or edit contact information at any time. Search quickly by entering a contact's name in the quick search field at the top of the Contacts page, or click the "Filter" link to add additional filters to your search.

Once you've found the contact you would like to update, click on their name to open up the contact record. Here, you'll be able to update, add, or delete information.

Note: Lead management features like contact activities and opportunities are only available on CoConstruct's Standard and Plus plans.

Contact Activities and Opportunities

On the right side of the contact record, you will find two additional sections: Activities and Opportunities.

Activities let you create tasks for reminders, check-ins, or meetings, for example. Click here to  learn more about contact activities.

Opportunities give you a place to track lead information (stage, rating, revenue, sale probability, etc.) for any leads that are currently in your pipeline. Click here to learn more about using CoConstruct to manage your leads.