How can I use selections to set up client appointments with vendors?

How can I use selections to set up client appointments with vendors?

Megan Sullivan

Does this scenario sound familiar: "Mrs. Smith, can you meet with the electrician next Tuesday at 11:00? No? Well, how about Friday at 4:30?"

This back and forth exchange to arrange appointments between clients and vendors can be time consuming. Save time by using your selections as a vendor scheduling tool.

Once you have possible appointment times from a vendor, list each as a choice option in a selection item. From there, the client can choose their appointment date and time and you can notify the vendor.

It can also serve as a handy reminder for you to follow up with the client and vendor to make sure the meeting happened and that the processes hasn't stalled out.

Use the comments area as a 3-way communication tool between you, your vendors, and clients, to coordinate appointment times and meeting information.

This is just another way to put selections to work for you!

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