Mobile App vs Main Website

Mobile App vs Main Website

Megan Sullivan


Leverage the CoConstruct mobile app on the go to quickly reference important details and document progress or changes to the project.  Designed with you in mind, the mobile app offers similar functions you find logging into CoConstruct from a web browser but oriented for life on the go.  This trusty sidekick comes in handy for a variety of situations.  See the full chart below to find out what you'll find ("✔") for each section of the mobile app (In App) versus what you find accessing CoConstruct from a web browser (In Web). 

Note: Many of the details provided to your team depend largely on individual permissions and access plus your specific subscription plan.


Function In App? In Web? Notes
Access all prospect, active, and warranty projects Access all archived projects in the full website
Add new projects    
View all tasks in a list  
View all tasks in a gantt chart    
View all tasks on a calendar  
View baseline schedule    
Add tasks with full details  
Edit/update/complete tasks  
Edit draft schedules    
View financial summary details including:
- Base Price
- total adjustment from selections
- adjustment from Change Orders
- Total Price
- amount Invoiced
- Payments
View full project budget  
View report of estimated vs actual hours worked  
Enter notes regarding hours  
Purchase Orders
View list of all purchase orders  
Search by PO # + Name    
Filter by Status, Type, or Assignee  
Create purchase orders from scratch  
Account for variance purchase orders  
Create purchase orders from estimate lines or bid requests    
Attach files & photos to purchase orders  
Accept PO on behalf of trade partner  
Void purchase order  
View bills and status  
Add bills    
Mark bills Ready to Pay    
View/Add Comments  
Specs & Selections
View all specification & selection items including any files/photos attached  
Adding/Editing items    
View/Add Comments  
Make or change choices  
Locking/Unlocking items    
Change Orders
View all change orders  
Search by name    
Filter by Status    
Create change orders for new scope/costs  
Create change orders from decided selections    
Attach files/photos  
Accept/Decline change orders  
View files and photos by label  
Add files    
Add photos  
Draw or markup photos    
Set photo visibility  
View/Add 360 photos  
Create new to-dos  
Attach or upload photos  
View incomplete to-dos View any completed to-dos from a web browser
Complete to-dos  
View/Add Comments  
View all project messages and comments    
Keyword search for relevant conversations on project  
Reply to messages and comments  
Attach in-line photos to messages and comments    
Receive push notifications for project communication    
Answer client questions  
Job Log
View last 15 days of jobsite logs  
Add new logs with flags, notes, & photos  
Share notes and photos with clients  
Edit existing logs - flags Head to a web browser to edit job log notes
View open warranty requests View any completed requests from a web browser
Accept warranty requests  
Create warranty requests  
Attach photos  
View/Add Comments  
Project Info (gear icon)
View project address on Google map  
Get directions to address    
View clients on project  
Call clients    
View update clearer Edit update clearer user from a web browser
Edit project setup details    


Function In App? In Web? Notes
View communication across all projects    
Receive push notifications for new communication   Dependent on settings
Attach in-line photos to messages and comments    
Keyword searching for relevant conversations across projects    
Add new comments and messages  


Function In App? In Web? Notes
View, edit, complete assigned tasks across all projects    
Search for tasks based on assignee  
Filter tasks by due date View tasks due within the next 90 days in app


Function In App? In Web? Notes
Clock in and out with notes    
Switch activities, projects, or time types    
Collect GPS when clocking in and out   Requires enabling location tracking 
Add time manually  
Edit time  
View time entries from last 30 days  
Filter time by employee  
Approve time    


Function In App? In Web? Notes
Search all contacts by name    
Filter by contact type Additional filtering enabled in a web browser by company, email, location, etc.
Add new contacts  
Add new user    
View contact information  
Tap to call/email contacts    
View/complete pending activities  
Add opportunities (leads)  
Add activities    

In addition to the above list of actions and functions, access the following from the gear icon on the Projects page:

  • CoConstruct Community
  • Contact Support
  • Help Center

Unavailable Features

The above list is by no means comprehensive to all the features and actions capable in CoConstruct.  You may notice some capabilities missing from the mobile app.  The mobile app seeks to act as a companion for when you're on the go and need to reference information quickly or jot down a quick note.  See a list of features currently unavailable from the mobile app below.  As CoConstruct continues to grow and expand, expect this to change.

  • Archived Projects
  • Estimate
  • Bids
  • Proposals
  • Invoices
  • Templates
  • Reports
  • Account Settings
  • Personal Settings

Need to access any of these areas while away from the office?  Simply open CoConstruct through a web browser on any mobile device!