Using Multiple User Types & Changing User Type

Using Multiple User Types & Changing User Type

Megan Sullivan

How can I set up a single person as multiple user types?
(e.g. set them up as both a builder and a trade partner)

CoConstruct uses email addresses to identify users in the system and log them into the correct account, therefore a single email address can be used for only one user "type" (builder, client, or trade partner).

As a result, in order to give a single person multiple user types, you will need to use a different email address for each different user profile.

For example, if you wanted to set someone up as a builder, client, and trade partner, you would need three unique email addresses.


For Gmail addresses - Aliases

For accounts that are using Gmail, you can actually use the same email address for multiple users, through use of an alias.

Simply add a "+" at the end of the email address, before the "@" symbol, and add in whatever text you'd like.

For example, could add a secondary user with an email of Any emails or notifications sent to either user will show up in John Doe's inbox, despite the fact that he used an alias for the "User 2".

When you create a new user with an alias, remember the alias you used, since that becomes the login email address you'll need to use in CoConstruct for that user. When you are added to a new project, you will be sent the welcome email with your new password, but ALL emails will be sent to your inbox.


Switching a builder, client, or trade partner to a different type of user

If you need to change an existing user from one user "type" (builder, client, or trade partner) to a different type, you will first need to delete, remove, or deactivate their current user record. To do this you can follow the instructions in this article.

Once you have deactivated the user, send an e-mail to us in Support ( and let us know the user and email address that you would like to re-use. We will then "release" that address, which will allow you to re-add them as a different user type.  This way all of their previous completed tasks, uploads and comments remain in tact from their previous user profile.